5-year-old Tooele Boy Receives Wheelchair After His Was Stolen


SALT LAKE CITY, UT (ABC4UTAH) — A 5-year-old Tooele boy received a new wheelchair Tuesday thanks to the kindness of strangers.

The Johnson family car was stolen this past summer and in it was the boy’s wheelchair.

Since then there’s been an outpouring of generosity.        
Alpine Home Medical, a local Salt Lake City company, heard about what happened and has stepped up to help this little boy.

The family couldn’t believe how anyone could steal Keaton’s wheelchair but what’s happened since then has restored a lot of their faith in the community.

Keaton Mintz has cerebral palsy. Not only was the family car stolen along with the wheelchair but the thief stripped the car and the wheelchair for parts.
Austin Johnson, Father, “complete anger, frustration, why would anyone do that?”

But on Tuesday, Keaton got his new wheels.

Custom wheelchairs often take several months.

Alpine Home Medical stepped up soon after they heard about the crime and with the help from folks at Shriners Hospital they’re making sure the wheelchair is a perfect fit for Keaton.

Johnson, “You guys have most definitely blessed my family. There’s still nothing I can think to this day to pay them back.”

Jason Winzeler, Alpine Home Medical, “they’re so optimistic about life about what they’re going through that a tool like this provides them to do more to keep up with their peers on the playground to get around to do all the other little kids are doing it’s neat.”

Rosy was 8 months pregnant with Keaton’s sister when their car was stolen.

The family has seen the outpouring of generosity when they needed it the most. Not only did Alpine donate the $3500 dollar wheelchair but the Tooele used car dealership Bargain Buggies donated a car.

Johnson, “I would’ve never thought it would happen to this family. Nothing like this…most definitely not a person that looks for hand outs but for how the community came together Alpine helping us out and Bargain Buggies with the vehicle. It’s just amazing for this to happen to my family.”
Police never caught the person who stole their car and wheelchair.


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