Sticking with your new year’s resolution fitness goals

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MURRAY, Utah (ABC4Utah) — Did you make a fitness new years resolution? If so, are you keeping up with it?
Our partners with Intermountain Healthcare have a few motivational tips to keep you going through 2019.

Mary Lyn Schmidt of Draper wants to work on strength training in the new year.
Her daughter, Nicole, is working on cardio. Her goal 18 miles a week.
‘I almost hit it. I’m around 15 miles every week. It’s better than zero.’

Rebecca Bennion, Running Program Coordinator for TOSH at Intermountain Healthcare says start small. 
Bennion, ‘Maybe the first month add cardio get that habit then implement stretching.’

Bennion says you don’t need heavy equipment or a gym membership to get a lot of fitness and health benefits. 
Not knowing where to start can be overwhelming. She tells people to start with cardio. Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes, 5 days a week.   

Bennion says keep the motivation going by having a workout buddy.
She says, watch your expectations and celebrate the small victories.

Nicole, ‘I’m proud of running everyday. I don’t like running.’

If you don’t reach your goal, Bennion says don’t let that get you down, jump back in the game.
‘One of my favorite analogies is if you dropped a penny in the morning, you’re going to pick up your penny. You’re not gong to say, oh I dropped that, then dump the whole wallet out. You’re going to pick up the penny and keep going. It’s the same with exercise and nutrition habits you may slip up but you start over and get fresh.’

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