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Safety during another heavy-traffic holiday season

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Another holiday season is here along with all the traffic. Add in the snow, ice and precipitation and things could get messy out there. Damian Kidd, from the Advocates, had a few tips to avoid accidents according to patterns they have seen from drivers.

Patterns of Bad Driving
-Traveling in a hurry
-Not stopping properly at intersections or hurrying through stoplights

Texting still accounts for a good number of accidents.

Slowing down and just focusing on reaching your destination might be a simple tip, but it may save you from many accidents that happen around this time of year. The weather combined with lots of traffic makes for a worse equation.

What to do in the case of an accident
-Make sure you’re safe
-When the car comes to a stop, make sure you safe and exit the vehicle if you can
-Contact law enforcement to show up and document the scene, important in order to determine who’s at fault

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