How to combat dyes and colors in your favorite foods and drinks

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – If your teeth are yellowing and you’re not feeling good about your smile, you might want to pay close attention to what Power Swabs is doing.

It’s a teeth whitening system you can use to focus on the areas of your teeth you want. For example, stains commonly show up on bottom teeth. If you have tried gels or trays, you know it’s hard to target those areas. Power Swabs is applied with a small swab that can reach any spot. It’s going to add moisture and remove stains. If you have caps, crowns, veneers, it works for those as well. No rinsing is needed.

Candy and chocolate can be culprits causing you stains, as well as coffee, tea, wine. Most everything contains dyes and colors. Power Swabs lets you enjoy your life just from a five-minute application once a day for one week. and you’re going to change your look 

Power Swabs is offering 40% off and free shipping if you call (800) 663-2909 or order online at

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