Cleaning the house before or after company comes over? That is the question.

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With the holidays fast approaching and company gathering, now is the perfect time to clean your carpets.

This is a time of year there’s going to be a lot of company and the question is to clean now
before the company comes or wait until after…maybe both.

It can depend on what kind of personality you have. If there’s a fear that exists inside of
you that says my Christmas tree is up I’ve got everything up maybe I should wait. The reality is don’t let
that influence your decision Zerorez can clean around it just fine and it’ll look great. 

Zerorez’s patented cleaning system is unique and it allows to clean carpet without using soaps or detergents. The problem with using soaps or detergents with carpet is the soap can’t be removed. It
sticks in there and it’s hard to get out leaving carpet super crunchy, scummy and attracting more dirt.

Powered water solves the problem. The water is softened and then run it through a process
of electrolysis. Electricity is used to alter the water without adding any chemicals, soaps, or detergents. It’s completely safe for kids and pets but it cleans better than a soap or a detergent.

Zerorez’s special right now for ABC4 viewers who call and mention this spot is $33 per
room and then a fourth room for free. Call 801-288-9376 or visit to our or

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