Bypass the Bypass Surgery

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You’ve started a program called Bypass the Bypass Surgery.  Can you tell me how this came about?


Thanks so much for asking.  It’s great to be here.  My grandma had a chocolate shop and I grew up addicted to food, especially sugar.  I was always tall and thin but it caught up to me in my 20’s and I that’s when I started my first diet.  I would diet, lose weight, gain it back plus more and I did this for two decades I was only 14 lbs away from eligibility for gastric bypass surgery.  I felt hopeless, like I didn’t have enough willpower, that I was different from everyone else and that I just didn’t have what it takes.  I truly was at an all time low and I was considering doing the gastric bypass surgery for myself.  


So you’ve released 70 lbs and kept it off without surgery.  What happened?  Why didn’t you do the surgery?


I’ve always been very much into health and nutrition.  I believed that although gastric bypass surgery can be a very good thing for many, it’s much better to do things naturally without surgery.  Most of our immune system is in our gut, much of our psychological health is in our gut as well (serotonin and dopamine are produced there) the ability to absorb nutrients from our food can be compromised and also like any surgery, there are risks of things going wrong.  My belief is that if we can do it naturally it’s always best.  So I did lots of research, lots of training, lots of certifications and lots of experiments with my own body and now I help others reclaim their health by sharing with them my secrets to releasing weight and keeping it off.


That’s amazing and congratulations.  So does your program require supplements and a special diet?  How do you help people?


That’s a really great question and the answer is no.  I don’t sell any supplements.  You can think of what I do sort of like the 3 legs on a chair.  Can I share those with you?

1. Is understanding the fundamental principles of a healthy diet which is whole and minimally processed foods.  You can be a vegan, eat paleo, meditarain, etc.  Every person is different.  So we first find out what foods taste and feel best that keep them feeling satisfied and energetic.

2. Lifestyle.  Most people focus on diet and exercise alone but there is far more to health than only those two things.  You can eat the healthiest diet in the world but if you’re not doing these other things, it’s like eating an all fast food diet.  So we work on finding what sort of movement feels best, getting adequate sleep, healthy gut, detoxing, etc.  There is a whole lot of things that go into having a truly healthy and energetic body and a healthy energetic body naturally is at a healthy weight.

3.  Mindset.  We all know things we can do for better health but most of us just don’t do it.  Knowledge doesn’t equal change so in my program we become masters of habit change.  Small hinges swing big doors and by the end of my program, the habits around mindset and health have changed dramatically for the better so you don’t have to think about being different, you just are. 

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