A look at the luxury, state-of-the-art 2020 Stryker

SCOFIELD STATE PARK, Utah (ACB4Utah) – The Good4Utah Road Tour rolls into Scofield State Park. A beautiful place to camp at higher elevation and you can’t talk camping without the expert Brett Paris of Parris RV.

A gorgeous toy hauler like this 2020 Stryker 2613 at the nearby Scofield State Park is a perfect combo.

The 2020 Stryker 2613 is the number one selling floor plan in all of Parris RV’s toy hauler brands. It’s not hard to figure out why with such an open floor plan inside and an enormous slide out.

With 13-feet of cargo it’s just perfect for bigger 4-Seat Razors and different UTVs that you like to ride. With the hit of a button, two electric beds in the back, the bottom one does convert to a dinet, disappear. Then you can drive your toys up inside. Hit another button and your slide comes in to get you going down the road.  

The hauler has state-of-the-art technology and the tires are really special with this particular machine. This particular Stryker has 16-inch wheel tires while most this size have only 15-inch wheels. Plus its got an eight-foot gate in the back instead of a seven-foot gate. So the taller UTVs of the future are still going to fit in something like this. It’s got a Cummins Owen generator so you have electricity for when you’re out dry camping. It’s got 30 gallons of fuel at a fuel pumping station. You can pull toys up on the backside and fill them up.

It holds 100 gallons of water and a king bed in the front. If you’re the type of camper that really loves luxury and state-of-the-art, you’ll just love these Strykers.

You don’t want to miss on this model. It is at two locations for this particular Stryker: 4360 S State St, Murray, UT 84107, or you can shop online at ParrisRV.com.

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