4 Year Old Utah County Girl Making Progress After Lawnmower Accident


UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 UTAH) — ABC4 has an update on 4-year-old Brailey Partida. She’s the little girl who lost part of her leg in a lawn mowing accident August 1st.

For the first time since returning home two weeks ago, they’ve invited ABC4 into their home to see Brailey’s progress.

The Partida family talks only to ABC4Utah’s Surae Chinn about how Brailey is doing, their thoughts on safety for children near lawn equipment and about hope for the future.

Brailey works with mom and dad with daily physical therapy, and strengthening her leg.

Teri Partida, Mother, ‘you can do it you can do it there you go!’

It will be a long recovery but the 4-year-old little girl is working hard every day so she’ll be able to walk again.

Robert Partida, “if she wasn’t as strong as she is I don’t think we could make it through this whole thing.”

On August 1st Brailey fell off the lawnmower while riding with her grandmother. Her leg was severed just above the ankle.
She was also severely injured on her backside affecting her bowel functions.

Partida, “I thought we lost her I thought we lost her.”

Brailey spent 29 days in the hospital before a heart warming welcome home from the community two weeks ago.
She was also greeted by this little puppy.
Partida, “To help our whole family cope. They’ve been through so much you know.”

Every day brings breakthroughs and times they can laugh.

The family has a message to others, they want people to be careful around outdoor equipment and keep children away form them.

Partida, “we take it for granted. We think it’s not going to happen us but in one second it can.”

Brailey who’s obsessed with ladybugs is looking forward to getting her leg before her 6th birthday in October.

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