3 Suspects Use Machetes, Guns in Home Invasion


TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4 Utah)- Police in Taylorsville are investigating a home invasion that left one injured Wednesday morning.

Authorities say it appears three suspects armed with machetes and guns entered a home near 4414 South Edgeware Ln. and assaulted someone inside.

“When a woman answered they pushed their way in,” said Ken Hansen with Unified Police. “They hit her, walked up the stairs and demanded money. One of them had a handgun and one of them had a machete.”

But within minutes Hansen said the suspects left without getting any money.

Next door neighbor William Jones watched the suspects leave the house.

“I looked out my window and there’s this guy come running out of the house,” said Jones. “And then I saw my neighbor run out and I came out standing there and there was a car out there with their door open and there was four or five more people in the car.”

He said the driver of the car had left the passenger side door open for the man who came running out of the home.

“He jumped into the car and my neighbor jumped on the back of it and they took off,” Jones said.

His neighbor couldn’t hang on and the vehicle left the area.

“He yelled for them to ‘get back here, I’m going to kick your (expletive),” said Jones.

Hansen said there appeared to be reasons why the suspects came to the house.

“I don’t think this is a random house,” said Hansen. “There is a reason why they came to this house.”

Hansen said detectives will continue interviewing the homeowners to learn why the house was targeted. He said as the suspects left  someone in the home took pictures of the suspects and their cars.

He said the suspects were two Hispanic men and a white male.  He said their ages were between 25-years-to-35-years old.

He said they came in separate cars. Police are looking for the drivers of: a black WRX Subaru with red wheels; the second is an older model light blue Toyota Camry and the third vehicle is a two-door couple Infinity that is silver or gray.

“We are looking for those vehicles and are asking for people to call Unified Police if they have any information.  Their number is 801-743-7000.

This is a developing story. ABC4 will post updates as they become available.

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