We love when Courtney Otis is in studio sharing the hottest spots to grab a bite and reminding us to support our local businesses! We now have three places to put on our to-visit list, asap.

Deep Sea Food Truck: The owners are Mauricio and Dafne, a mexican couple from Mexico City who came to this beautiful City a few years ago. They are foodies, have always liked to try different kinds of food, mainly seafood, but in searching couldn’t find a delicious Mexican-American combination in Utah. So, they decided to build a truck! The design of the truck up to the dishes are a Mexican-American mixture, as well as classical American dishes, such as fish and chips and crab cakes. All of the ingredients are of the best quality and fresh. They would like to offer viewers 15% off their order for mentioning GTU! @deepseabitesfoodtruck

Hana Ramen Bar: Mike Harrison and his wife CC just opened Hana Ramen this year in Park City. Mike trained under a legendary chef in Tokyo. Everything is made in-house and from scratch using premium free Range organic products as much as possible! They’re offering an order of free gyoza for viewers who buy two or more ramen bowls. @hanaramenbar

Runty Bundts: Runty Bundts began in 2020 with two teenage siblings, Kate and Cooper Skousen. Their Grandmother used to make the most mouth watering bundt cake. When she passed away, Cooper felt that her cake was so delicious, he wanted to be able to share it with others! They happened to have miniature bundt cake pans at home and immediately he had the idea of making and sell miniature gourmet bundt cakes. He proposed it to his sister. She decided to tag along, and they immediately began experimenting with their grandmas recipe, adjusting the ratios and flavors to perfect their version. Since then they have created over 30 flavors, sell at two restaurants, won a teenage entrepreneur contest, and both sell every week at their schools! @runtybundts

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