MORGAN COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah)- Police are asking the public to be careful disclosing information about officers and their families, after they say a Layton man threatened to kill the families of two Morgan deputies.

On Wednesday, July 27th Samuel Beckstead, 21, was stopped by a deputy for speeding through a Mtn. Green neighborhood. Officials says Beckstead’s vehicle was not registered or covered by insurance. A second deputy responded for backup.

Beckstead was cited and the vehicle he was driving was impounded.

According to a post on Facebook from Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, a few hours later Beckstead was reported for sending threatening text messages to group about the two deputies.

Court docs say in the text messages Beckstead claimed he was going to “find where [one of the deputies] lives and rape everyone he loves.” There were several disturbing messages, one of them included “I’m gonna have so much fun choking his wife.”

Officers contacted Beckstead and agreed to meet with officers the following day.

After speaking with officers, Beckstead reportedly started threatening his friends included in the original text message group saying “which one of you _________ went to the cops about my threats?” then said, “if you can read this, consider this your first and only warning.”

Documents say six to 10 people were included in that message.  The group expressed concern to police for their safety.

 Beckstead was arrested Thursday night and admitted to sending the texts.

He bailed out of jail a short time later.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to not give anyone any information about officers or their families.

They say, attempt to get a license plate number and call 911.