1st District congressional candidate Cory Green addresses his past legal issues


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – A candidate for Utah’s 1st District congressional seat is accusing a state agency of corruption while explaining his own past legal troubles. 

Cory Green is running as a political outsider. He’s a veteran, a former owner of a security company and a truck driver who describes himself as a “constitutional conservative”.

“I want to talk about issues that concern people here in my district at the federal level,” he told ABC4 News in a phone conversation Friday.

But Green has some issues of his own that may concern people as well. In 2010 he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery against a 17-year-old girl. Despite his plea, he contends the crimes never happened and the girl lied about being a 23-year-old massage therapist.

“There was no allegations in the police report at all from this juvenile that I touched her inappropriately and the reason there wasn’t was because it never happened,” Green said. “There was never any contact like that. It never happened. I was given a plea deal opportunity by the prosecuting attorney in Davis County and I ended up taking that plea deal. That’s how I ended up with those charges.”

“I’m certainly not a predator or am going to be made out to be one,” he continued. “And I will stand up to this nonsense just like Brett Kavanaugh and just like Donald Trump because every story is not an automatic guilty before proven innocent ‘that person’s a sexual predator’. That’s a crock of crap.”

On Friday Mr. Green unleashed a series of tweets lashing out at the Utah Division of Occupational Professional Licensing or DOPL which he describes as unfair and unconstitutional for suspending his security license and releasing details of his past violations.

“Besides the dirty laundry that DOPL has allowed to be out and aired on me, they’re hiding their own dirty laundry which I’ve brought to light today,” he said. “This is stuff that should have been handled by Governor (Gary) Herbert and (Lt. Governor) Spencer Cox or Francine Giani a long time ago. We shouldn’t be talking about it. These people should be doing their jobs to protect the public.”

On Friday afternoon he released a letter to Governor Herbert calling for the resignation of three DOPL officials.

Green tells ABC4 News he’s confident that the voters of the 1st District will look past all the controversy and support him because of his military service and his strong stance against illegal immigration.

So far Mr. Green has two opponents in the 1st District race:  Kaysville Mayor Katie Witt and Morgan County Councilwoman Tina Cannon.


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