UPDATE: The teen charged for the rape and kidnapping of a woman in Sandy was sentenced in West Jordan Juvenile Court by Judge Jimenez on Tuesday.

Judge Jimenez ordered 16-year-old Rainier Craig Peterson to a secure confinement in Juvenile Justice Services until he turns 21 where he is then expected to be sent to prison. Other factors could determine how much of the 10-years to life Peterson will spend once he is sentenced in Adult Court. 

During a plea agreement, prosecutors determined the teen needed help and that he should receive treatment before entering the prison system.

Last month the teen pleaded guilty to first-degree felony aggravated sexual assault in adult court and was sentenced Tueday for the kidnapping charge in the juvenile system. At one time, Peterson was facing an attempted murder charge that was dropped as part of the plea deal. 

The boy will also be required to attend and complete sex offender treatment. 



WEST JORDAN, Utah (News4Utah) – The woman was jogging on a Monday afternoon when she was stopped by a teenager.

It turned into her nightmare.

The woman appeared before a juvenile judge to testify at a preliminary hearing about being brutally attacked, beaten and raped last March.  The defendant, a 15-year-old is facing multiple felony charges including attempted aggravated murder and rape. 

The woman whose name is not being released testified the teen called out to her.  She took off her headphones and wanted to know what he wanted.

“Hey, hey, can I borrow your phone,” she recalled their conversation.  “I need to call someone.”

She let him borrow her phone and knew something was wrong.  The woman thought he was going to steal her phone and she asked for it back.  That’s when she claimed he grabbed her.

“It happened so fast,” she testified.   “He had his arms around me, pulled me down.  I was stumbling.  Next thing I know, I’m down there (on the ground).”

She said the teen began punching her in the face with his hand.

“I was trying to duck,” she said.  “I was just shocked that someone was hitting me.”

The teen then pulled her pants down according to her testimony.  She said her goal was to stay alive.

“I was in survival mode,” the woman said.

During the next few minutes, she said she was raped twice and was having difficulty breathing.  The teen then began strangling her according to her testimony.

“I cannot believe that my kids are going to be without a mother,” she testified.  “I can’t believe this is how it’s going to end.”

She said the teen also began hitting her in the head with a bottle and continued to assault her.

“He took his foot and as hard as he could, started stomping on my head,” the woman said.

Somehow she managed to survive the beating and sexual assault.  She said divine intervention kept her alive.

“(During the attack) I said it’s okay, I forgive you, I forgive you,” she testified.  “And he was finally calm.  I heard a voice, run, run, run.”

And she did.  A father and his son heard her screams and reached her.  They called 911.

The 15-year-old was later arrested and is now facing six felony charges in the juvenile system.  Tuesday, the juvenile judge heard the state’s case and bound him over for trial.

But prosecutors want the teen tried as an adult.  A future hearing will be held to consider whether the 15-year-old remains in the juvenile system or be tried as an adult.