11-year-old saves American Kestrel, fledgling, receives award from West Valley City


WEST VALLEY CITY (ABC4 News) – He saw kids throw rocks at a small bird. The small bird turned out to be a kestrel falcon. The boy’s name is Jonathan, and when he had a chance, he rescued the bird and brought it home so he could take care of it, and watch it through the night.

American Kestrel’s range all over the United States and into South America, they are the smallest Falcon in North America. They eat a lot of grasshoppers and supplement with mice, lizards, and other birds. You see them hovering over fields before they dive to strike.

According to a release sent to us from Roxanne Vainuku, West Valley’s Public Safety Media Director:

The next morning, while the boy’s dad was at work, Jonathan noticed the bird was not fully recovered and in distress.

Jon the American Kestrel is now recovering

He called 911 several times, VECC talked with him and sent WVC police and WVC Animal Services to pick up the bird. The bird, which the boy named ‘Jon’ is doing well and is now at a local bird rehabilitation facility.

Because of his life saving efforts, Jonathan will receive an award from West Valley City Animal Services for how he rescued ‘Jon.’

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