Utah (ABC4 News) – The period known as the “100 deadliest days” on Utah roads ended Labor Day. And the stats show that Utahns drove safer this summer.

The 100 Deadliest Days officially ended with 41 fewer fatalities than last year. 

Zero Fatalities Utah

According to the Utah Department of Transportation, this has been the sharpest decrease in Utah road fatalities on record. 

State officials have said more people die on Utah roadways between Memorial Day and Labor than any other time of the year.

Zero Fatalities Utah started a campaign to bring awareness to road fatalities in Utah during the summer months. 

The campaign was created to focus efforts on behavioral changes that can save lives. 

Utah Department of Transportation’s suggestions for keeping safe on the road:

  • Schedule sober rides beforehand  
  • Don’t drive drowsy (Sleep will always win) 
  • Distracted driving 
  • Buckle up 
  • Restrain from aggressive driving

Zero Fatalities Utah changed the message, stating a goal to make this period Utah’s “100 Safest Days.” 

Zero Fatalities Utah

According to Zero Fatalities Utah 151 lives have been lost on Utah roads so far in 2019. With 264 total lives lost on Utah roads in 2018 a 3.3%, decrease from 2017 with 273 lives lost.

While these lives lost are tragic, Colonel Michael Rapich, with the Utah Department of Public Safety says it’s important to compare this year 100 Deadliest Days total of 61 lives to last year’s 103. 

“So 62, 62 represents an incredible increase for the positive, going the right direction and doing much much better than we did last year….the year before that and even the year before that,” Colonel Rapich says.

Colonel Rapich says the significant decrease in fatalities this year and during the 100 Deadliest Days is all thanks to law enforcement officers and us, the Utah drivers. 

“Thank you to all of those who chose to slow down a little bit or not drive excessively in excessive speed. Thank you to all of those who put your phone down. Who decided that you know what getting safely and getting to, where I’m going and putting all my attention on the important responsibility of driving, is more important than whatever happens to come across that phone. And thank you to all of those who made the good decision that if you were going to drink, don’t let driving be apart of that.”

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