1 Suspect in Mother-Daughters Kidnapping Turns Himself In


SUBLETTE COUNTY, Wyoming (ABC4 Utah) – UPDATE: Authorities report that Flint Wayne Harrison turned himself in to the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office at 1:45am Saturday morning. 

Flint is one of the two suspects wanted in connection with the kidnapping and assault of a mother and her four daughters in Centerville earlier this week. 

Dereck Harrison, Flint’s son, is the other suspect wanted this case.  He is still at large, considered dangerous and is believed to be in the Half Moon Lake area of Sublette County, Wyoming. 

While the search continues for Dereck, police are asking citizens to stay out of the area.  Residents in Pinedale have been asked to consider staying indoors, if at all possible. 

Sublette County Sheriff’s office says they believe Flint and Dereck have been back in Wyoming since Thursday.

They do not know what prompted Flint to turn himself in. 


CENTERVILLE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – A mother and her four daughters escaped from two men who had tied them in their basement. 

Police in Centerville said the mother was able to escape and get help from neighbors, but the two suspects fled.  Police are now looking for the father-son team.

They have been identified as Flint Wayne Harrison, 51, last known address is in Salt Lake and his  son Dereck James (DJ) Harrison, 21, of Centerville. Police said they fled the scene in a 2011 silver Chevrolet suburban with Wyoming license plate AR83G.  Police said they have ties to the Pinedale, Wyo. area.

According to Centerville police the four daughters range in ages from 13 to 18 years old. 

Centerville police said Flint Harrison and his son DJ Harrison lured them to the home under the pretense of having a barbeque, but it was a ruse. 

“She (mother) has some kind of acquaintance with DJ (Harrison),” said Lt. Von Steenblik.
But once inside the home they were tied up and the mother of the children was beaten with a baseball bat and possibly a shotgun.

“She was the one that was hurt the most seriously,” said Lt. Steenblik. “She received significant injuries.  She was assaulted with a baseball bat and was punched as well.”

A police affidavit goes into greater detail as to what happened inside.  According to the affidavit,”Flint and DJ invited them to go downstairs. The five females and two males went downstairs. The females observed strips of duct tape lined up and zip ties on the floor.”

The police affidavit claimed DJ was carrying a “long gun” and pointed it at the females ordering them to get on the ground.

“The females did not take this seriously at first and went back upstairs,” the affidavit said.

But Flint allegedly used a bat to force them back downstairs.  Both men ordered them to their knees according to the affidavit.

“Flint then grabbed the gun and pointed it at (mother’s) throat and threatening her. (She) slapped the gun away and ran toward the stairs, being chased. (Daughter) also trying to escape got ahold of the bat and struck DJ at the stairs.”

“A couple of them tried running through the basement garage,” said Lt. Steenblik.  “The overhead door to the garage was down so they couldn’t get out.  They had to come back through the basement and up the stairs and out.”

They ran towards John Green’s home and rang his doorbell.

“They acted like really scared, couldn’t hardly talked and bawling and yelling,” said Green.  “The only injury I saw was the older lady and she had blood on her side of eye and it was running down her eye.”

The girls had also managed to call 911 during their escape.  When police arrived the Harrisons were gone.

“Their vehicle was boxed in by the driveway but they drove off the driveway and into mine and took off,” said Green.

According to the affidavit, Flint and/or DJ may be in possession of a shotgun with a pistol grip which was not found at the home.  Police said Flint lives in Wyoming and made contact with his wife.

“She informed the police that her husband did not want to go back to prison and had made statements that he intended to shoot any officers and go out in a blaze of glory,” the affidavit said.

The affidavit also claimed that family members told police they may be hiding in the mountains because “they have the gear to go deep and hide.”

“The should be considered armed and dangerous,” said police Chief Paul Child of Centerville police.

Police have setup a tip line for people to call of 801-335-8844.

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