The Justice Files: The murder of Maureen Webster Pt. 3


SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – Jeff Webster has a hunch who may have murdered his wife and shot him.

And Sandy police know about these persons of interest. But to date, the case remains unsolved.

The shooting happened in March, 2019 near 112th S. and 900 E. That night, Maureen and Jeff Webster returned home after a dinner celebration.

But once they got in the home, someone shot him twice with a shotgun at close range. He survived. His wife didn’t survive the shot to her chest area.

“In my mind when you add up all the information that is available, the facts, it appears to be a professional job,” said Webster who spoke publicly for the first time since the shooting.

The ambush has police puzzled. Neighbors never saw or heard anyone leave moments after the shooting.

This, despite a shotgun going off three times in the home.

Since 2019, police executed four search warrants on two women who are considered persons of interest.

Both are former girlfriends who allegedly conspired against Jeff. Webster said they’re angry and have made threats in the past.

“These people are serious,” he said. “They’re dangerous.

But the women told police Webster is a drug dealer who got in over his head and even threatened their lives.

“They’ve created this whole fiasco that there’s warrants for my arrest,” he said. “It’s all lies.”

He’s never been arrested for those allegations.

Webster said police suspected it was an inside job, but he told ABC4 the evidence didn’t show that.

He claimed the data from the alarm system showed no one else was in the home except he and his wife.

Webster also said the shooter used the back deck and shot through the window.

Webster eventually was released from the hospital after several surgeries. Doctors told him he’s a “walking miracle.” He’s blind in one eye and partially disabled which keeps him from working.

Some of the pellets still remain in his body. Some went through his left eye, shattering the lens and detaching the retina. They also went through his nasal cavis and exist on the optic nerve. He said doctors told him it’s too dangerous to remove.

Several other pellets landed near his spinal cord and doctors told him he is lucky that he wasn’t paralyzed.

But he said the worst part is losing Maureen.

“She was my world,” he said. “She had the coolest sense of humor. That girl taught me style. She was a magical person.”

Sandy police did not return ABC4’s calls. Webster is frustrated with the lack of progress in solving his wife’s murder.

Meanwhile a friend set up a Gofundme account to help him hire a private investigator.

Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to contact Sandy police.

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