The Justice Files: The murder of Maureen Webster, Pt. 2

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SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – It wasn’t an accidental explosion that took the life of Maureen Webster.

In March, 2019, she died after someone shot her in their Sandy home. Her husband, Jeff Webster, was also in the home and was shot twice. He survived.

When it first happened, Jeff Webster heard a loud sound while he stood in the kitchen.

“All I know is, I woke up on the ground and all I could hear is ‘Jeff I’m hit, I’m hit,'” recalled Jeff Webster. “I say ‘what?’ In my mind, I thought something had exploded in the house or something.”

Maureen was rushed to a nearby hospital where she died from the gunshot wound to the chest.
Her father later learned the shooter was waiting for them on the back deck.

“They did say it was a shotgun,” said her father Philip, who did not want his last name used. “So, you don’t have to be a big shot, a good shot with that. Of course it would just go right through glass. It was pretty much point blank range.

Jeff Webster claimed the shot came through a smaller window near the sliding back door on the deck.

Maureen was shot once in the abdomen area. Jeff was hit twice, once near his face and the other on his backside.

Xrays that he released to ABC4 showed numerous pellets from the shotgun blast. He said some of the pellets still exist in his head and back.

It was while he was in the hospital and after coming to that he finally learned of his wife’s death.

“(I kept asking) where is my wife and one of the doctors says she’s dead,” Webster recalled.

A family friend visited him at the hospital where he realized it was not an accidental explosion that killed his wife.

“He said ‘Jeff, this might be a hit you know’ and I said ‘why are you saying that?’ and he said like ‘you got shot,” Webster said. “I said ‘I got shot? From who, with what, where?'”

Sandy police began searching for clues inside and outside of the home.

At one time, Webster said police were convinced someone was inside the home waiting for them.

But he said data from his home alarm system showed no one had entered the home except the couple.

But then Webster told police about his former girlfriend.

“This girl was literally stalking me, waiting in restaurants for me, non-stop,” Webster said. “It went on for five or six months.”

Thursday, the story continues as police began issuing search warrants for not only his ex-girlfriend, but another former girlfriend as well.

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