SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – It was a battle with her inner voice that led Cindy Sue Hunter to the bodies of two murdered women in Moab.

“I literally was basically being told I had to go, and I argued with myself Tuesday,” said Hunter.

After that internal discussion, Hunter got in her vehicle and set out to look for her friends Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner.

The couple were married in April but disappeared in mid-August. Word about the women’s whereabouts spread quickly in Moab.

Kylen’s father, Sean Paul Schulte, traveled from Montana to Moab and set up a booth in hopes of finding information about his daughter and Crystal. That’s when Hunter befriended the father.

Hunter called Schulte to inform him of her plans to search for the missing women. He in turn told her about a disturbing text that he received from someone.

“There was a creeper dude at their campsite and that they were going to move their location,” said Hunter. “That he was too close, that he was making them uncomfortable. He had left and come back with food and clothes.”

While listening to her inner voice she began driving on the La Sal Mountain Loop Road south of Moab.

“It literally was like being screamed at.” she said. “(The voice would say) go straight, please go straight, hurry. And I said to myself, ‘I’m not crazy, I’m feeling this, I am hearing this.'”

She kept driving and made several turns, encountered campers, and showed them pictures of Kylen and Crystal. Hunter then caught a glimpse of silver coming from her left peripheral vision.

It’s an SUV that’s similar to the one owned by the two women. She turned in the direction of the SUV, not sure if it was theirs.

“Then I saw the bunny cage under a tree and was pretty confident I had found the girls,” Hunter said.

She made two calls, one to the Grand County Sheriff’s Office and another to Kylen’s father. While talking to Schulte she entered the tent. But no one was inside.

“The tent door was opened, it wasn’t properly opened,” she recalled. “It was kind of thrown open. I saw an article of clothing behind the tent, behind the tree. It just didn’t feel right.”

Kylen’s dad was still on the phone with Hunter. He told her to search the campsite in case she runs into the women.

She walked towards a creek and found discarded bottles of energy drinks and approached the creek when she made a horrific discovery.

“I started rambling because Sean Paul’s (Schulte) still on the phone with me,” she said. “And I’m talking about the creek and how pretty it is.”

Wednesday, as ABC4 continues its story with Cindy Sue Hunter, she finally breaks the news to Kylen’s father. And what about Crystal Turner? Stay tuned.

The murders of Schulte and Turner remain unsolved. Any information about the murders can be shared with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office or the Schulte’s private investigator, Jason Jensen. There is also a reward offered for information that will lead to an arrest/conviction.