SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – The father of a murdered daughter is turning to social media for help.

Sean Paul Schulte is pleading for campers to review any videos they may have recorded while staying at campsites near the La Sal Loop Road near Moab.

That’s where Schulte’s daughter, Kylen and her partner Crystal Turner were found murdered on August 18.
The couple were recently married and were camping at the time of their murder.

Her father and a private investigator and are now using social media to help find clues that may lead to their murder.

Specifically, Schulte said they’re reaching out to campers who were at that location from August 11 to August 19.

“We’d like to get the news bounced back to them so that they know what happened while they were here,” said Schulte from his Montana home. “(That way) they can go back and check their dash cam and see if anybody picked up a car or vehicle coming on or off of County Road 4651 which is right where the girls were killed.”

The request is similar to what happened in the Gabby Petito case. After her murder became national news, a camper reviewed their dash cam video and saw her van in the Grand Tetons. Authorities said it was a factor in locating her body.

Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie who is a person of interest in her murder, actually camped in the Moab area about the same time. But the Grand County sheriff’s office said the murder is not connected to the Petito/Laundrie case.

“We know that they have ballistics,” said Schulte. “I don’t know if they have fingerprints, DNA or what. but they have some way of ruling out Brian Laundrie. They have some way of ruling out these (other) people’s names that I have turned in.”

According to a search warrant, authorities are looking for a “creepy man” that approached the women at their campsite.

“The girls saw him camp there,” said Schulte. “So, we know he was camped too close to them. This guy didn’t give them space. He crowded them and that creeped them out.”

Unfortunately, Schulte said the campsites are open to anyone and reservations are not required. He also said the campsites are isolated from one another.

In addition to search for dash cam video, Schulte’s private investigator is also seeking satellite imagery in hopes of seeing something.

“Maybe we can get a license plate or a clearer view of the vehicle so that law enforcement may have some suspects in mind and what they drive and be able to pinpoint what they’re looking for,” said Jason Jensen.

He said it is the same tactic used in the Daybell case in Idaho.

But all this takes time and Schulte knows that and is frustrated thus far with results.

“One day is too long for me,” he said. “One day is too long. It’s torture for our family but there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Two $10,000 rewards are being offered for information that can lead to an arrest and/or conviction. The Grand County Sheriff’s office, the Utah State Bureau of Investigations and the FBI are all working on the investigation. Tips can be called in to the sheriff’s office at 435-259-8115.

Anyone with video recordings of the area and the right time frame is urged to contact Jensen investigations.