SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – There may have been another run in with the so-called “creepy man.”

He’s the man authorities in Grand County may be responsible for the murder of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner.

Their bodies were found in mid-August at a campsite in the La Sal Mountains south of Moab. Their killer has yet to be found.

“I think we’re starting to slowly recreate their final hours,” said private investigator Jason Jensen.

He has been working closely with Schulte’s father, Sean Paul Schulte.

Last week, it was learned 11:35 am Saturday, August 14, may have been the time they were shot.
Turner’s mother said she’s still reeling from her daughter’s death.

“(It’s) terrible, it’s awful,” said Beverly Turner. “I mean, my God. I didn’t have but one girl and that was it. It just tore my heart up.”

Authorities with the Grand County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to ABC4 that they were shot on Saturday and had an audio recording of shots fired at that time.

But the spokesman wouldn’t say if its connected to the Schulte Turner shooting.

“It’s a good thing (time of shooting),” said Diane Brooks, Turner’s cousin. “It will help. Now, they’ll be looking for images and dash cams. I think it helps the case as far as getting more information.”

But new information revealed to Jensen indicated the two women were seen on their motorcycle that Saturday morning, hours before their murder.

“They pulled over,” said Jensen. “They had a light-hearted conversation. They were bragging that Kylen learned how to drive the motorcycle.”

There was something more. Last fall, in a police search there was information about a “creeper man” who was bothering the two women at their campsite.

But according to Jensen, that same Saturday morning Schulte and Turner talked with a friend near the Chevron service station and learned the “creeper man” paid them another visit.

“(The friend) couldn’t remember the exact phraseology because she wasn’t thinking she’d have to remember that but something along the lines that ‘this is my turf, this is my space that you’re tresspassing,'” Jensen said.

Authorities have not confirmed whether the two women were seen that Saturday morning. Turner’s mother is unclear about uncertain of this possible second sighting of the “creeper man.”

“I couldn’t begin to tell you,” Turner said. “I am just out on a limb, you know, hanging on.”

Turner said she is in constant communications with an FBI agent. But she said the agent has shared very little about the investigation.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Grand County Sheriff’s Department of Jensen.