DRAPER, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – It was one of the quickest acts of justice in recent memory.

Seven days after Keith Brown was charged he was headed to prison for sexually abusing two of his daughters.

“I never wanted to go to trial,” said Brown during Thursday’s parole hearing.

Prior to his arrest, Brown managed his children’s piano career. The siblings were known as the 5 Browns.

But police soon learned that he was also sexually molesting two of his daughters going back to 1990.

He’s serving a 10-years to life in prison after pleading guilty.

“I am so embarrassed for the pain I’ve caused them,” he told the hearing officer. “I just wished I had been smarter.”

Listening to his testimony were the two daughters he molested.

Over the years their father has legally challenged the conviction. He said it was because certain promises were made if he accepted the plea deal and it turned out differently.

“It was not an effort to recant or to claim innocence,” he said. “I have not denied the offense all along. And I was really saddened to read what the legal appeals, the effect that would have on all 5 of my children.”

Eventually, the Utah Supreme Court denied his request for a new trial and it left a bad taste in the mounts of his daughters.

“In his selfishness and denial he had dragged me right back into the depths of emotion one to two times each year since his sentencing,” said Deondra Brown. “All in an effort to keep fighting and hold on to some phantom belief of innocence.”

And they reminded their father of the damage which still haunted them today.

“I don’t trust people,” said Desirae Brown. “I expect to be betrayed at every turn and the stress of that constant vigilance has given me anxiety attacks.

She said she couldn’t shake off the nightmares and the stress that contributed to permanent physical disabilities.

“20-years I have had debilitating PTSD at night,” she said. “I have gone truly blind in my left eye due to a disease my doctor says is caused by stress.”

Brown said his guilty plea in 2011 was meant to protect his family from further harm and embarrassment and allow the young women a chance to heal. His daughter claimed he had a different reason.

“Keith Brown accepted a very generous plea deal that would put him in prison for a much shorter length of time for the gravity of his crimes,” said Deondra Brown.

Over the years, Keith Brown never apologized which isn’t forgotten by his daughters. At his hearing, he made an effort right that wrong.

“I will never see them or have correspondence with them,” he told the hearing officer. “So I just want to reiterate and apologize to them for what they have gone through.”

The hearing officer reminded Brown that sex offenders must go through sex offender treatment before they’re even considered for parole.

Brown has yet to complete the program but welcomed the idea.

The entire board of pardons will review his case and offer a recommendation in the coming weeks.

Deondra and Desirae have cut back on their concerts but are fully involved in a foundation to help those who survive abuse. Information on the “Foundation for Survivors of Abuse” can be found here.