Why a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Erectile Dysfunction is Inadequate

Erectile dysfunction is a very serious and very frustrating condition. If you’re struggling with it, you almost certainly have a lot of questions. You might be wondering when you should start worrying about it. Do you need to wait until you have no function at all before you address it?

Maybe you’re in your 30’s and you’re questioning whether it’s even possible to have erectile dysfunction. Or perhaps you’re in your 70’s and worrying that there’s no hope for a return to high performance.

And I hope you’re wondering what the causes of erectile dysfunction are and how you know what treatment is best for you. This series of short videos and articles is dedicated to answering these and many other questions.

An erection is a complex process involving; emotions, hormones, brain chemistry, biochemical reactions, nerve input and the health of your blood vessels. To approach erectile dysfunction with a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate and usually a complete waste of your money.

The causes can be anything from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, medications, low testosterone, poor diet, stress, depression and anxiety. To determine the best course of treatment, all of the causes need to be identified and addressed to get the best possible results.

At HealthUtah we identify the underlying causes through a combination of tests and evaluations. Once we understand the causes, we address them with a variety of therapies and recommendations. 

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What is the Ultimate Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

An erection is a complex process involving many systems. Compromise or damage to any of the systems can cause Erectile Dysfunction by ultimately decreasing the release of an extremely important chemical called nitric oxide.

The penis stays flaccid most of the time due to the intrinsic tone of smooth muscles that restrict blood flow to the area. In order to achieve and maintain an erection those smooth muscles need to be relaxed. That’s the role of nitric oxide.

To clarify, every underlying cause ultimately results in a decrease in nitric oxide. The problem is that because this decrease in nitric oxide has many different causes, each underlying cause needs to be discovered and addressed separately.

You’re looking for a solution to a serious problem. You should want to get to the bottom of it – not just a one-size-fits all approach. Let me tell you another reason you want to find and address all the underlying causes.

Many of these underlying conditions are significant health risks. For example, one cause is damage to the inner lining of your blood vessels. In this case you are also at risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

Erectile dysfunction is often the canary in the coal mine alerting you of a hidden health problem.

At HealthUtah we identify and address these underlying causes and conditions.

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Identifying the Causes of Low Nitric Oxide

Every successful approach to solving erectile dysfunction has to start with identifying the causes. Unfortunately, this is rarely the approach taken. You might find a clinic here or there testing for one of the many possible contributing factors.

For example, one clinic might test for low testosterone. Another might test for low blood flow. These have some value but are inadequate by themselves. All the possible causes of low nitric oxide need to be identified and considered.

At PUR LIFE Medical our goal is to identify all the contributing factors and address them all. Doing less than that can result in a less than satisfactory outcome.

Through a combination of testing and queries we evaluate all of the following potential causes:

1. Damage to endothelial tissues that line your blood vessels

2. Dysfunction of your autonomic nervous system that controls smooth muscle tone

3. Insulin resistance

4. Diabetes

5. Poor oxygen delivery

6. Abnormal pulse and/or blood pressures

7. Increased systemic vascular resistance

8. Dehydration

9. Hormone imbalances

10. Excessive body fat mass

11. Poor nutrition

12. Swelling and edema

13. Depression

14. Anxiety

The answer is that we use specialized testing equipment out of Europe. Four different scientifically-substantiated tests are run. These include HRV testing, skin galvanic response, bio-impedance and pulse wave analysis. The testing arguably provides more information than thousands of dollars of blood testing.

Our provider combines the information gathered by this testing and the extensive review of your health history to determine the most probable underlying causes and prescribe the best course of care to resolve them.

If you would like to learn more about how we correct underlying causes, please watch other very short videos.

If you’re ready to find out what the hidden causes of your ED are, click the button below, pay the $59 for the testing, evaluation and consultation.

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How to Correct the Underlying Causes

At PUR LIFE Medical we address the underlying causes of ED using a combination of the latest technology, nutrition and supplementation.

The particular combination is different for each individual. As you can imagine, the protocol of care will be different for a 70 year man who has diabetes than the protocol of care for a 40 year old who is obese.

Both of these men have obvious contributing factors: one has diabetes and the other obesity.

The reality is that any clinic selling a so-called cure for ED without addressing these contributing factors is doing you a tremendous disservice. Even if you have temporary results, they won’t last long without addressing the real causes.

Let’s take the 70 year-old diabetic for example. Diabetes destroys capillaries, the smallest blood vessels in the body. The excess sugar in the blood breaks down the inner lining of the capillaries causing them to either die or collapse. Without these capillaries, a man can’t fill the penis with blood. So the capillaries have to be repaired or replaced. Taking the blue pill will never heal these vessels, acoustic wave therapy won’t heal them.

The only way to heal them is to restore the fragile inner lining of the capillaries called the glycocalyx. This is done with very specific nutritional supplementation. The healing is then accelerated by therapies such as Photobiomodultion. You can learn more about these in upcoming videos.

Then of course we need to address the diabetes itself. It won’t do any good to repair the capillaries just to have them destroyed again by uncontrolled diabetes. We address diabetes with proprietary protocols you will learn about at your initial consultation.

Once the diabetes is addressed, we focus on the production of new blood vessels. This is where Acoustic Wave Therapy comes in. It has been shown in studies to increase a process called neovascularization or the production of new blood vessels.

This particular combination of therapies and nutrition are perfectly customized to the 70 year old with diabetes and collapsed capillaries. But just like you, the 40 year old obese man will have a different set of issues that will need to be treated differently.

As you can see, each protocol of care is customized to each individual’s particular needs.

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