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Natalie Willes, Infant and Toddler Sleep Expert, has been working with families all over the world as an infant and toddler sleep consultant since 2008. Natalie has worked with over 1,000 families to help their babies sleep through the night and nap consistently. By offering custom tailored approaches to each family and child, Natalie draws from her extensive experience to make sure each family feels confident in their sleep-training journey.
Natalie answers the following questions from GTU Viewers:
McKel: My 4 months old wakes crying up every 15 to 30 minutes after he falls asleep. I have to put his binky back in, readjust him/tuck him in and shush him back to sleep. I do this like 4-5 times until he finally falls into a deep sleep! Should I get rid of the binky so it won’t wake him up when it falls out? Why does he do this??
Leslie:  Is crying it out okay? If so, at how many months? Also, is it okay for a baby to sleep nights in a swing? I’ve heard conflicting things.
Mirranda: Please bring up “safe sleep” environments! Too many moms are using swings or Rock N Plays for overnight sleep. Many still use bumpers. These are unsafe practices and need to be mentioned.
Natalie works with infants starting as early as 14-weeks-old through toddlers 3 years of age. She is based on the west coast and enjoys the outdoors with her two children Olive and Milo, and her husband Michael. For any baby sleep questions for Natalie, she can be contacted through her website or at 310-279-9299.

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