Your favorite fantasy reptiles meet real life

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If you or your little ones are into reptiles, you will most definitely want to check out Animals of Wizardry, presented by Little Rays Nature Centre, at the Utah State Fair.

Animals of Wizardry features animals based on your favorite fantasy character from books or movies.

Deena Marie met up with Shane McDonnell to get a hands on look at some of their animals!

First up was Big Mama, the black-throated monitor. Shane explained this is the largest species of monitor lizards in the world.

Deena Marie also got to hold Two Percent, the milk snake, before heading over to take a look at Phillis, the cane toad. Shane shared that this is the largest species of toad in the world and is very toxic for other animals.

From lizards and toads to turtles, you can also spot Franklin, the box turtle, who can close his shell up completely.

There are four shows daily with friendly interpreters to answer questions in the Grand Building.

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