SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Looking for a new way to where art and keep that girly style. You can customize nails and have 17-year-old nail artist, Kayla Pagnani, make a fresh set of press ons. All you must do is go to her Instagram and DM her the details on your desired nail set and she’ll do her best to make your nail dreams come true. Right now, she is doing Black History Month nails made per order. Each order comes with your nails, files, glue, etc. She includes all the supplies needed to put on nails. 

She started doing nails because she wanted a way to express herself when she wasn’t wearing clothes that allowed that. She started with simple designs, but she found inspiration in different movies, logos, etc. Then she started doing more complicated nails. She does these nails using a tiny brush and tons of time.