Authors, while they may seem intimidating, are regular people. To be one, no specific degree or experience is needed. To write a book, Arielle Hadfield, an author coach, has created a formula. 

Begin with an idea and break it down into the formula. Ask the following questions:

1 – Who is the character?

2 – What problem do they face?

3 – How do they try to resolve that problem?

4 – What happens if they fail?

There are many books, websites, and other resources available to discover the art of authorship.

Publishing is more accessible than ever. Publishing companies and literary agents list books that they are looking for online, and a story can be submitted for free. There is no risk and high reward. 

There are also several self-publishing companies available that are fast, easy, and inexpensive.

Some authors fret about making back the money they invest. Marketing a book, Hadfield said, is a conversation for another day, and numbers are often bleak. The rewards for writing a book are much higher than simply making money. 

Writing a book can expand your comfort zone, is a productive hobby that keeps your brain active, and leaves a piece of you behind in the world. 

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