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Tyson Smith – Title: Head Puff of Puff Puff Cream Puffs came by to share some tips and tricks on creating the perfect cream puffs!

What makes their dessert unique?

Tyson feels like cream puffs are a dessert that is often underappreciated. They are not found at every dessert shop which is a shame because there is so much untapped potential in this simple dessert. Puffs are very versatile, meaning they pair very well with a lot of different flavors. He wanted more than just choux dough filled with cream, so his cream puffs also feature a variety of textures. He likes to mix different flavors of cream with bits of cake, cookies, and brownies. This makes it a delightful experience to eat. Tyson hopes everyone can experience the joy of Puffs!

How long has Tyson been baking?

You could say he was born to bake. His mom was pregnant with him when she started a food booth called Creamy Creations at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. 32 years later and several first place-winning desserts they are still there baking as a family. Since then, They have done wedding catering, parties, and local events. He has continued with the same passion that his mother has and launched Puff Puff Cream Puffs. 

Where do they get inspiration for their puffs?

Tyson is always looking out for new flavor ideas and texture combinations. For example, he got the idea for his Churro Puff while he was eating at his favorite Mexican restaurant with his family in Idaho. As he was enjoying their fried ice cream, he realized that this would make an amazing cream puff. Another simple example comes from powdered raspberry doughnuts, he remembers eating those raspberry doughnuts as a kid. He wanted to recreate that for everyone’s inner child to enjoy, and it turned out amazing!

Why does Tyson like selling cream puffs?

Tyson knows that he wanted to provide a product that he is passionate about. One of his favorite desserts is cream puffs. That’s how he chose to bring gourmet cream puffs to his community. Tyson’s favorite thing about his cream puffs is the smile it brings to people’s faces when they bite into something that both tastes and looks amazing!! He strives to make each Puff taste as good as it looks.

When did he start Puff Puff Cream Puffs?

Tyson has always wanted to own a bakery, so he started last fall as he was coming to the close of his master’s program in family nurse practitioner. He decided to launch last October with online orders and now that he is just graduated, he can focus on the growth of Puff Puff Cream Puffs. This is a passion of his that he loves working on and sharing the joy of Puff. 

What is Tyson’s most popular Flavor? 

The Strawberry Puff cake and the Caramel Churro Puff have been very popular!

How often does he rotate his flavors?

For now, Tyson is changing his flavors every week, he has fun picking out the weekly lineup and integrating new flavors along with my original flavors. 

How often does he offer online orders?

He offers Saturday morning pickup at different locations each week. He starts orders on Monday mornings and closes them when he sells out. He has been offering them as much as his school schedule would allow, but now that he is done with his graduate program he is trying for each week. 

Where does Tyson see Puff Puff Cream Puffs going?

Tyson sees Puff Puff Cream Puffs continuing forward and working towards a storefront in the near future. He can already see what it looks like in my mind!

How hard are cream puffs to make?

Cream puffs are very finicky, they require a lot of love and precision to get them just right. Everything matters when it comes to the Puff, from the type of butter to fluid volume and sometimes even the weather. But when they come out, they are beautiful! He has practiced and made a lot, and he means a lot of batches to get his signature choux just right. 

Flavors shown:

-Birthday Oreo Puff

-Raspberry cream cheese brownie Puff

Find them online, IG

Puff sales go live Mondays, for Saturday Morning Pickup. 

Check their Instagram often for flavors and sales.

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