Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – As important as it is to check in on our friends, it’s just as important to check in with ourselves. Cat Palmer joined us today for a special segment to share her friend, Heather Armstrong’s story. Tune in for more information and learn some mental health tips about the importance of looking inward and checking your mental health.

There can come a point in one’s mental health journey where adjustments must be made. For Cat Palmer, this included taking time to be still, going to the gym, journaling, drinking more water, and practicing gratitude. Listening to our bodies and what they yearn for can significantly impact our mental health. Often, we are so focused on being kind to others that we forget to be kind to ourselves. It can sometimes be uncomfortable to say kind things to ourselves, but these acts of love can make heaps and bounds in one’s mental health.

Words matter and can leave a lasting impression on an individual no matter the form in which they are received. When we view someone as successful, pretty, famous, or popular, it can be easy to forget that these people still have feelings and that words will impact their health. The world needs more kindness, starting by eliminating unkind words and thoughts, especially across social media platforms.

If in crisis, call 988 to have someone to talk to, or visit If you or a loved one needs help finding a therapist, call (801) 715-3500