Smith Alley and Sally Alley, the founders of the Live Life Bigger Foundation discussed mental health and suicide prevention in today’s segment.  

The foundation was first founded in January 2021 and was inspired by Smith Alley’s struggles with mental health in the past. First encountering bullying in first grade, he dealt with anxiety and depression throughout his life until while in high school he planned to take his life, he said. After his parents found out he was able to see a therapist and get help. Since then, he’s traveled to nine states to discuss the harms of social media and mental health with students and their parents.  

Sally Alley explained that many people don’t have access to or know what resources are available to them for taking care of their mental health. Part of the work that the Live Life Bigger Foundation is doing is in place to help make those resources known. Smith Alley said that he’s spoken nearly 300 times in the last two years in other states to provide students with the necessary information to get help and take care of themselves. 

In October 2021, Smith Alley lost a friend of his to suicide. He then decided to focus more attention on spreading awareness at home, leading to the upcoming “You Are Gold” benefit concert this weekend. Tickets are $15 dollars and attendees can go to the after-party at the Dee’s Event Center to enjoy food trucks and other fun.  

To find more information on the concert and the Live Life Bigger Foundation, viewers can go to the website