Moudi Hob joins the show again to share his insights when it comes to understanding compassion for ourselves. Hob expresses that writing can help us make sense of who we are, why we are here, and what we are doing. Unprocessed experiences weigh on us over time. As one begins to write, they become archeologists of their soul, they can find a peaceful and joyous place within themselves. 

Hob describes himself to be a facilitator which makes it easier for him to help guide you to know yourself. Hob helps guide you towards your heart. Writing is a way to observe your thoughts right in front of you. 

“It’s a mindful approach of shutting the inner critic. We are writing to understand ourselves,” said Hob. 

Hob takes his clients on a course journey where he teaches them exercises to unlock more of who they are when writing. 

If you would like to sign up and get started with going through a self-discovery check out his website

Instagram- @moudi.hob

Hob is also offering a special for GTU viewers! You will get $50 off for the first 5 sign ups of the 1 hour Writing Exploration session by entering the code: ABC4Writing