Journaling and writing is a way people can feel more connected to themselves. Writing facilitator Moudi Hob joined hour two of GTU for ways to bridge the gap between the separation of ourselves from the world. Hob starts this exercise by asking the hosts of GTU “what brings you joy?” 

Hob shares that talking about the process of following what feels warm in our hearts is a way to become more intricately connected to ourselves. People can sometimes feel afraid to write as a way to avoid difficult emotions. By focusing on what is joyful, viewers can cultivate a writing practice that is easier to approach until we can face the more difficult aspects of ourselves. 

“Behind each of us is a hidden world no one can see. Oftentimes we are too blind to the complexity of our own experiences. Writing offers a doorway into the vastness of our possibilities. By beginning to engage in conversation with our inner truthful self, we slowly start to bridge the divide between us and the divine which resides in everything.”

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