Small business owner, Kimberly Cannon created the perfect blanket for the big kids. Pipermoon is all about comfort and functionality. These adult swaddles are great for the on-the-go sleeper. With their compact design, it’s the perfect throw blanket to toss in your backpack.

Pipermoon opened in 2019, but with the pandemic sending people to their homes, they wanted a cozy blanket to wrap up in. Customers said the blankets felt “like a hug” and soon they were being sent as virtual hugs to friends and family that couldn’t be hugged in person.

Cannon shared the impact the blankets had on their customers. Mothers of children with autism and people with anxiety have been able to calm down with these blankets. People with sensory processing disorder also said they were so happy to find a blanket that soothed them. People also said they were able to sleep better because of the stretch and heaviness of the fabric.

Over the last year, Pipermoon has shifted their mindset on the business and now promote the blankets as self-care products. The company also gives back by donating a percentage of sales in blankets to teens with cancer.

Pipermoon will be offering a coupon code for GTU viewers for 20% off. Use Goodthingsutah20 on their website and follow along on Instagram to stay up to date on new blankets.