Worried about travel? There is a new surge in demand for insurance

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Americans are willing to spend a little extra on their travel plans just to have peace of mind as the Delta variant causes cases to swell again, one travel booking expert said. “One thing that we are noticing, though, is that there is a surge in demand for our disruption protection product,” Hopper Chief Executive and Co-founder Frederic Lalonde recently shared with Yahoo Finance Live, noting the company’s premium rebooking service for canceled or delayed flights “is up 50% since the beginning of the year.”
  • And speaking of travel, when you stay in a hotel, you typically expect people to clean up after you. With a flip of the doorknob sign from “do not disturb” to “come right in,” many travelers expect fresh-pressed and neatly tucked sheets, eloquent pillows and decor, sweet-smelling soaps, a stocked mini-fridge and, not to mention, the tiny chocolates they place on your pillow after housekeeping makes your bed. Upon checkout, you don’t leave the room a disaster, but you also don’t do a deep clean —unless you’re Darren Dowling, who takes an extra step as a hotel guest. Dowling, from the UK, shared a photo to Facebook, showing his stripped bed and the sheets he folded neatly at the foot of it — sending social media into a tailspin arguing over guest protocols.
  • Plus, who doesn’t love visiting a quaint Airbnb for the weekend to get out of the everyday monotony of life? How about one in the woods of beautiful Murphy, North Carolina, owned and operated by a nine-year-old boy named Eli. The best part? It’s a dreamy treehouse, and the proceeds from your stay are donated to charity. Surae gives us an inside tour.
  • Finally, the pandemic has certainly put a spotlight on germs and how they spread. But while we’re being extra cautious right now, will our new habits permanently shift how we greet people and celebrate for years to come? “All our basic human instincts and interactions have basically been changed by this pandemic,” said Dr. Vivek Cherian, MD, an internal medicine physician affiliated with the University of Maryland Medical System. “My hope is that as a society we’ll be able to return to fully embracing our previous social traditions, but it’ll need a steady and consistent decrease in Covid-19 cases (to make that happen).” While he predicts that most activities will one day go back to “normal,” he did mention a caveat: some people won’t ever feel comfortable with certain rituals returning — even after the pandemic eases. We dive into these Hot Topics and so much more on GTU Hour 1.

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