The World Games serve as the Olympic event for non-Olympic activities. It happens every four years following the Olympics. We sat down with Kaden Brown and Ruben Padilla, athletes who will be attending the games this year.

There is one male and one female selected from each event to represent the United States. Brown will be the male representative for tumbling, and Padilla for the double mini-trampoline. Brown has been tumbling since he was ten years old and has been on the national team for eight years and a senior elite for five. He started in his hometown gym and his interest sparked, leading him to compete for the World Games title. Padilla has been on the national team for eight years and a senior elite for five years as well. Because the competition is right around the corner, they have been training intensely. Brown states that he trains ten hours a week on average and Padilla just under twenty hours for both double mini-trampoline and individual trampoline. These athletes are very busy and the high-pressure environment can take a toll on mental health. Having just competed in nationals two weeks ago, they have had constant competition. Brown states “It’s pretty easy to forget that we do this sport because it is fun and we enjoy it and it is kind of hard to remember that while competing.” He emphasizes the importance of having fun outside of the gym and being there for each other. Both Brown and Padilla train and teach at Wasatch Trampoline and Tumbling, so if you have an interested child send them to train with the best of the best. Watch the 2022 World Games on CBS and CBS Sports and Paramount Plus streaming. Tune in to watch these amazing athletes compete this weekend from Birmingham

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