Title Boxing in Cottonwood Heights is truly a club for everyone! The client base is approximately 70% women who come in looking for a way to burn off some steam, and end up addicted after the first class.  It’s empowering and stress relieving to hit something, and to hit it with all you’ve got!

Men appreciate the stress relief as well as the technical aspect. The trainers give an authentic boxing workout that will improve your skill, build muscle and result in weight loss. They do this in an hour or less with classes offered at 60 or 45 minutes. A session incorporates a warmup, 8- 3 min rounds hitting the bag, core work and stretching.

We loved meeting owner Dash Cox, trainer Chelsea Denning, learning their stories and seeing these superstars in action!

Title Boxing Club is located at 7817 Highland Dr, Cottonwood Heights. Hop online at titleboxing and follow on facebook