If you are thinking of quitting your job and starting your own business, we have all the tips you will need! Motivational Speaker Ganel-Lyn Condie joined us to talk about working for yourself.

First things first, be sure why you want to do this. You will need the motivation to get through long days and rough starts but it will be worth it. Take time to budget out expenses with your family and plan any adjustments you may need to make.

Entrepreneurship is scary to most people and involves taking big risks. Others may be quick to dismiss your ambitions because they are not willing to take risks themselves. Reaching out to already “successful” people can help you to understand the consequences of risks and the possible benefits.

Unexpected problems and set-backs will happen. Be prepared for workers that are not as passionate as you are or projects taking longer than planned. Hiring employees can be difficult; hire hard-workers that are dedicated to the job. Hiring quality employees and making initial investments will pay-off in the future.

Most importantly: the benefits! Working for yourself allows new freedom and flexibility to work on your own time, spend time with family and feel excited about going to work each day.