A perfect way to spend a fall afternoon would be with a fun witches tea party. Brook Cederstrom, the founder of Frosted with Love custom cakes, is hosting a witches tea fundraiser. It is to raise fund for her daughter Elena Cederstrom so she can go to Indianapolis with American Fork marching band. This event is for every age, and you can dress up as a witch to make it a perfect day out with whom ever. The event will go accordingly: you will be welcomed into a banquet hall and take a seat at a table with potions, pumpkins, and other spooky details that just make your day special. Then they will serve you 3 courses, first being scones, second is savory, and third is desserts. The food is mostly goods made by frosted with love bakery but some of the food is from Zapples, Blox Dessert Bars, and Ruby Snap. This event is $25 and will be held on October 29th seating from 11:45 until 2 in Mapleton, UT at the Northridge Valley Event Center. To buy tickets check the link and to have your custom cakes for birthday parties or for whatever special event you’re hosting check out her Instagram. 

Ticket buying link: frosted-with-love 

Instagram: @frostedwithlove 

Facebook: @frostedwithlove 

Facebook event website: https://fb.me/e/2Twwi36i4