Winter getaway destinations

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Winter getaways are popular, and Barby Garcia is here to talk about the best travel destinations this winter season. 

  • New York: New York is great all year round, but winter is the most magical time there. It can be affordable if you check the right time on Tuesdays 3 weeks in advance you can find a round trip for $250. 
  • Jackson Hole: If you’re concerned about driving in the winter you can find a round trip ticket for about $100. You can get an old-school vibe in the small town main street. 
  • Cancun: You can also drive to Tulum and find beautiful natural holes and spring water. When talking about safety, choose what you are comfortable with and make the decision that is best for you and your family.
  • Paris: Round trip tickets with a small layover are around $600 that is a great price all the way through March. If you can find a flexible flight, Garcia says to pull the trigger on it. Paris in the winter, walk around with hot chocolate and a coat. 

Garcia says if you have the time Paris is a must-go, but if you are looking for a quick weekend trip Jackson Hole is the best place for you. For more travel tips check out Garcia’s Instagram

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