Winter care for pets, plus adopt adorable kitty Peanut

Good Things Utah

Peanut is an orange tabby who is available for adoption. Just look how adorable he is! Temma Martin is here with Peanut, not only does she encourage his adoption, but she also gives tips on winter care for your pets.

Her first tip is to make sure water is available in both indoor and outdoor locations. If your dog spends more time outside than just going to the bathroom, she recommends setting up a warm, dry place to escape the elements. If your pet is usually outside, monitor the temperatures outside and consider keeping them indoors for the night.

Who can resist a pet in clothes? It can be cute, but pets will be more comfortable outside if they have sweaters or sometimes booties. Temma’s final tip is to be careful if you are taking older animals or animals with arthritis outside.

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