Willpower and Why Some Days You Eat the Whole Jar of Cookies

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Welcome to the art of connection, host Baya Voce has dedicated her life to experimenting with human connection because everyone wants the same thing; the most fulfilling life you could possibly imagine. 
Today Baya talks about willpower. Do you ever have some days where you can easily make it to the gym when you said you would and other days where everything in you thinks it’s a better idea to binge watch Broad City instead? Or why some days you can see a box of cookies and not grab a single one and other days you eat the whole jar?
What about those super productive days when you check off everything on your to-do list and other days when mindlessly scrolling through social media is just about the only thing you check off? 
That’s because these things take willpower to achieve. 
If you want more willpower, start noticing what kinds of decisions drain you and what decisions don’t take much effort at all, so you can set yourself up for success. 
Your stories are so valuable to each other so please share your stories in the feed below. You never know how your story can impact another person’s life. 
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