Why you should stop saying “be careful” to your kids

Good Things Utah
  • On the second hour of GTU this morning – It’s a phrase we’ve all probably used over and over with our children. So why does one blogger say she is no longer using the words “be careful”? We’ll explain her parenting technique that everybody is talking about.
  • Plus, how do you talk to your children, at any age, about the riots at our nation’s capitol? Surae has tips that will help them feel safe and secure.
  • And Utah’s population boom is steady but slowing according to new Census Bureau reports. States around ours like Idaho, Arizona and Nevada are actually adding to their populations more quickly over the last year. We have the new numbers for you.
  • Finally, the power of the orange. Why the winter fruit that tastes like summer is so good for you and can even give your immune system a big needed boost!
  • And at the end of the show, do you have UGG boots that you aren’t wearing? TikTok says, why not make them into slippers? We have video of the latest trend sweeping the social media app. Get out those boots and start cutting with us! Hope you join us this morning for GTU Hour 2.

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