Why you should shop local for Valentine’s

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Buying from local business here in Utah is great for our economy and is a great way to save some of your hard earned cash especially when Valentine’s Day is almost here.

Kristen Lavelett, Executive Director of Local First Utah joined us to share the benefits. Local First Utah is a non profit organization that helps educate the public of social and economic benefits from buying from local business. She explained that 55% of the sales from the businesses will stay in Utah.

On average, Americans will spend a total of $196.31, according to the National Retail Federation. The reason why people are spending so much on Valentine’s Day is because times have changed and people are buying gifts for pets, friends, and family instead of their significant other.

If Utahns are able to by local for Valentine’s Day, over $74 million would stay here in our state to help out the economy.

Even spending $20 on Valentine from a local business, over $7 million will be kept to keep Utah’s economy moving upward.

The money that comes through local sales help support our local schools, create new jobs and help pave our roads.

Jordan Dyches from Got Beauty also joined in to share how proud Got Beauty is for selling dozens of locally made products!

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