September is healthy aging month. Hormone imbalances, childbirth, and aging can very often affect sexual health. This area of health plays an important role in your relationships, confidence, and overall well-being. There are non-invasive and drug-free treatments available to reduce pain, regain confidence, and improve performance.

Whether you’re experiencing pain with sex, reduced sex drive, urinary incontinence, or reduced confidence, these are not issues you have to live with. Dr. Andrew Petersen, DO, co-chief medical officer with Forum Health, uses non-invasive and drug-free treatments can make a significant difference in your sexual health.

  • Votiva: Uses radiofrequency to improve stress incontinence, rebuild vaginal mucosa, and increase sensitivity and tightness of the vagina.
  • GAINSWave: Non-invasive therapy using low-intensity sound waves to treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Balances testosterone and estrogen through pellets implanted under the skin for safe, continuous and effective delivery.
  • O-Shot: Improves health of clitoral tissue and sensitivity for orgasms for women.
  • P-Shot: Enhances sexual sensitivity and erectile function in men.

Beyond these treatments, patients often struggle with a lack of confidence. Regaining that confidence takes support and hard work.

Erica Lemke-Pembroke, author of Feel Sexy Again: The Ultimate Guide to Reclaiming Your Sexual Confidence, recently joined Forum Health as a life and vitality coach.

Erica is passionate about helping women regain their confidence through her eight-step method. Bringing Erica on board is just one way Forum Health is working to support patients physically, mentally, and emotionally to reach their health goals.

Forum Health is inviting everyone to attend a talk on sexual health and regaining confidence at 6p.m. Oct. 3 at the We Work Parlor & Patio Second Floor in Salt Lake City.

Attendees will receive an exclusive offer for $400 off select treatments.

RSVP in advance here on: Eventbrite to receive a Feel Sexy Again e-book.

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