Why sports fans want Ashton Kutcher to ‘take a shower’

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah this morning – He didn’t even flinch! Ashton Kutcher is bringing sports fans together for a common cause. The actor appeared as the guest picker on ESPN’s College GameDay in Ames, Iowa, on Saturday, during which he was met with crowds chanting “take a shower” after he and wife Mila Kunis sparked a comical debate over how frequently humans should bathe. We have the video to show you.
  • Plus, on Saturday Kim Kardashian arrived in New York City wearing head-to-toe, literally, black leather by Balenciaga, posing at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in a black belted trench, stiletto boots, gloves and a full face mask covering everything but the long dark ponytail dangling from a hole in the back. Sharing photos of her daring look on Instagram, the mother of four was met with mixed reviews. While pals like LaLa Anthony, seen partying with the star on Instagram Stories, voiced their approval, and some called the ensemble “badass,” others found it a little too frightening.
  • And when it comes to talk about mental health, TikTok is a destination for more and more social media users. In a video last week captioned “Why Mental Health TikTok is Powerful,” therapist Jaime Mahler shares a user’s striking comment: “10 years of therapy and what I needed to hear I heard on TikTok. And it has changed the entire way I process my past and view myself now.” Mental health content has exploded on the immensely popular social media platform. The hashtag #mentalhealth has 15.3 billion views and #therapistsoftiktok has 318 million. Therapist creators say the pandemic likely accelerated the space’s evolution, but they credit its existence to the broader de-stigmatization of mental health issues as well as the app’s younger users who are more comfortable not only disclosing but also publicly processing everything from childhood trauma to relationship abuse. TikTok is giving people a mental health education they never had before. Nicea tells us what mental health experts are doing to cope themselves with pandemic stress, their tips can help all of us.

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