Why some of us won’t stop using our old I-phones

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah today – It’s the anniversary of 9/11 and we look back to that sunny September day 18 years ago. Plus, numbers and words that you can read forwards and backwards – why you will see more of those over the next few days. And the new I-phones are here. We’ll tell you about the new features AND why you will definitely want to try a ‘slo-fie’… plus do you have an older I-phone and don’t want to upgrade? Surae says YES. Find out what phone she’s still holding on to.
  • Plus, we have a bonus round of hot topics so we can tell you how to get the best upgrades on your next trip, and how about some fall organizing ideas? We have the top five things in your home that it’s time to get rid of!
  • And finally, where does singer Mariah Carey go when she wants to do some major shopping with her daughter? Target. Yep, even celebs know it’s the best! Hope you join us for a jam packed Wednesday edition of Good Things Utah.

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