With over four million Americans quitting their job in the past year, businesses are looking for new ways to keep employees in the workplace. While so many workplaces talk about how important “culture” is, snacks and game rooms are not cutting it for unappreciated employees. 

Employees would prefer to be accepted and recognized for their efforts and individual qualities instead. Christine Wzorek, CEO and founder of White Label Advisors, shares her suggestions of what companies can do to help make the workplace more appealing for associates. 

With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, work culture has changed and also has made it difficult for many to return to the office. Remote working has shifted the typical office environment. Wzorek says employers need to truly get to know their employees to help them feel more welcome. When employees feel appreciated and valued, they are more inclined to participate in creating an efficient workplace. “First, it’s real about getting to know your people. What are the life backgrounds and what are people really going through?” Wzorek says. “Working with your HR partner to configure your programs that are better serving your needs. Absolutely being a learning organization, which means you’re committed to driving continuous learning through tools and mechanisms and resources.” Wzorek also says it is important to get employees and HR to collaborate for building a connection. Wzorek, who has worked in this field for over two decades, comments that this an unheard of precedent and compares it to The Industrial Revolution. Her takeaway from this is for companies to build a connection with their employees. 

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