Why ‘self care’ is so much more than just a massage or facial

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah today – Holly Courtier, the California mother who was lost in a Utah national park for 12 days, was able to survive her ordeal by staying close to a water source as rescuers searched for her, according to her daughter. Kailey Chambers released a statement Monday revealing new details about how her mother went missing in Zion National Park. Courtier, 38, had lost her job and was traveling the country to visit national parks, according to her family. We have the latest update on how Courtier is feeling this morning.
  • Plus, what if self care is about being vulnerable? Not just massages and facials? We share what one mom says she learned about herself during the pandemic. And speaking of 2020, have you been talking to yourself more than ever? Research shows there are actually benefits to having a self-conversation. (you aren’t losing your mind – we promise!)
  • And finally, the hottest holiday deals are just days away at Walmart. Nicea has a preview of what can get on line and in the store starting in November! Hope you join us this morning for a Tuesday edition of GTU.

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