Why health experts say women need to start ‘sitting like a man’

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah today – Oh, Brian will like this one! Health experts say it’s time women took a lesson from men, specifically on the way they sit and stand. We’ll tell you why. Plus, flu season is starting early across the country, but one third of Americans say they don’t mind getting sick as long as they can spend it in bed! And if you DO mind getting sick stop eating carbs – doctors say a keto diet is more beneficial for a healthy immune system. And finally, why one dad says it’s time to celebrate our kids’ losses as well as their wins – his blog is now going viral.
  • And finally, we check back in with Brian as he enjoys an Avahlee Med Spa treatment aimed at sculpting his biceps – so did it really work Brian? Join us this morning for GTU!

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