Why flying makes food taste better

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On Good Things Utah today – It’s our Independence Day show and we are diving right into the busiest travel weekend of the year. A new study says there is a reason your taste buds are heightened at 30 thousand feet. Plus, we have tips on safety during your 4th of July festivities (hint: make sure your drink ALOT of water!) And why friendships are so darn important, especially as we age. And how do tidy people stay so clean? We have Marie Kondo advice for those of you looking to organize.

And in our bonus round of hot topics today, we are talking about flag etiquette, the very happiest states in the nation and the best way to grill your burger on this holiday.

Oh! And don’t forget firework locations throughout our state. We have a list of all the top spots tonight. Hope you join us for our festive July 4th Good Things Utah!

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